Cold Rolling LinesCold Rolling Lines

Cold rolling line - Vertical and Horizontal blocks

The cold rolling line for the production of smooth and/or ribbed wires for reinforcement is extremely compact, versatile and equipped with independent horizontal or vertical axis bull blocks complete with stands for the EUROLLS cold rolling cassettes. This simplifies installation and guarantees better performance of the line. The machine is equipped with protective covers to safeguard the operator as well as to ensure that the minimum of mill scale and dust pollutes the factory environment.

Also included in the machine is the descaling panel integrated with a pinch roll to help during the feed in operation as well as the rod lubricating unit.

Using independent bull blocks guarantees the maximum flexibility and versatility with regards to the distribution of the necessary wire reductions (no fixed reduction between bull blocks required). The cold rolling line can be composed of one, two or three bull blocks and these can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal plane. Using optimum design, the space occupied by the line has been reduced to a minimum even with the use of multiple bull blocks required for larger diameter reduction.

The line can be equipped with spoolers with horizontal or vertical axis, and be automated depending on the specific requirements of the client.

Cold Rolling Lines

Key benefits

  • Fully enclosed machine for safety and dust protection
  • No fixed reduction required between bull blocks
  • Vertically and horizontally mounted bull blocks
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Multiple bull blocks allow for larger diameter reductions
  • Different levels of automation dependant on customer requirements
  • Vertical and Horizontal spooler options
  • Easy raw material loading


Inlet wire diameter 5.5 - 14mm standard ( higher options available)
Output wire diameter 4 - 12mm standard ( optional higher and lower diameters )
Max working speed 12m/sec
Wire reduction By means of EUROLLS cassettes and TC rolls
AC Motors With inverter and variable speed control
Main motor 132 KW Standard



Special Applications